Das Leben in Texas – Lorenas Austausch

There are two things I realized very fast when I came to Texas. The first one was: They overuse their air conditioner. When I heard that I got a host family in Texas, I got really excited. I always wanted to be in a very warm area of the country so I mainly had shorts, dresses and tops with me. The first time we went out to a restaurant I was so cold that we needed to get our blanket out of the car.


Later somebody told me that students are also not allowed to wear shorts at school. So guys, no matter where you are placed, always take enough jackets, pants and long-sleeved shirts with you!

The second thing I realized: The inhabitants of Texas (or the US in genereal) LOVE their country! They are very pround of being American which you can see every morning at school. We opened every schoolday and also every football game with the pledge of allegiance.

School is also very different. The classes were very easy but it was necessary to spend a lot of time on homework and projects. I also wanted to be part of the marching band which was very hard at the beginning. It was hot outside, we played difficult songs, I had to learn the marching choreography and we practiced everyday before or after school for two hours and had a performance every weekend.



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